The Story of Miranda

Miranda was a popular lady in her community. She loved meeting people and enjoyed other people’s company. She was more of an extrovert. As a result of this, she had many people she called friends. She didn’t pay much attention to those who were true friends and others who just did it because of her status. Then an incident occurred.

One of her so-called friends impersonated her to commit fraud. When investigations were done, it was believed that Miranda was the culprit. Miranda kept pleading not guilty but nobody was believing her. Before she was sent to prison, a lot of people didn’t want to have anything to do with her, even some of her family members were ashamed of her. Miranda felt like everyone was against her and had to face the world on her own.

She was devastated and heartbroken, she began to lose weight and preferred to be on her own. While Miranda was in prison, she started reflecting on her life and realized that life was not the way she thought it to be. One fateful day, a pastor came around to visit them. He spoke to the inmates and gave them words of encouragement.

Miranda started to see hope in what looked like total darkness. She was more of a Sunday Sunday churchgoer and didn’t know what having a relationship with God really meant. She decided to re-dedicate her life to God and start afresh. Being judged wrongly could be really painful but she believed that God who is the righteous judge will vindicate her.

Lessons Learnt

Miranda was someone who was easily moved by people’s opinions. She loved the way people paid more attention to her but this incident taught her a big lesson.

  1. You truly know your friends in difficult times.
  2. Other people’s opinions should have no effect on you. 

The only person’s opinion you should follow is God’s opinion. Human beings are very unstable. They could be happy with you this minute and the next minute plot evil against you. Know your Heavenly Father, have a relationship with Him and develop yourself. 

Once you know God is with you and are self- developed with your self-esteem in place, even if the whole world is against you, that won’t remove a strand of hair from your head.

Please do not base your emotions, happiness, feelings on human beings because they will surely disappoint you. Put your trust in God if you want to remain firm and unshakable.

Story of Miranda continued

Miranda began to communicate with God regularly. Little by little, things began to change. She realized that despite being in prison, she was still able to get something good from the experience like knowing God more, knowing who her real friends are, not being moved by people’s opinions. etc. 

She also realized that she could have escaped all the trouble if she knew God well. This real lesson changed her life forever. With time, the truth was revealed and the culprit was imprisoned and Miranda was released. 

Knowing God will make you have favour with God and man. Even men that don’t really like you will favour you because you know the source and there is absolutely no need for eye service.

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