The power of reflection in the journey of life.

Walking with Jesus, being led by the Spirit of God in the journey of life is an interesting ride.

There are times of rising, times of falling, times to swallow the sweet pill, and a time for the bitter pill. It is never smooth. One thing that helps us grow stronger and stabilize is reflecting back on the lessons learnt from the time one was in the valley and applying them in the future.

Anyone that says, “once you surrender to Christ, everything becomes easy”, is not telling the truth. Don’t get me wrong, the benefit of being a child of God cannot be compared with one who is not a child of God. Despite this, the bitter pill (difficult times) is necessary for growth, and maturity in your walk with God.  Is it possible to have peace of mind during such difficult times? Oh yes. 

The key to this is reflection, Spending time with God, and asking Him questions. There is this peace that comes with understanding what you’re going through at the moment and also knowing what to do during such times.

During such times the following are necessary; 

Studying the Word of God in that area of concern.

Spending time with God and listening to what He has to say (with your pen and paper/book to document it).

Going back to the things He previously told you that you may have forgotten (this is why it is important to document).

Going through your dream journal (documenting your dream is very important even though you may not receive the interpretation immediately). 

From personal experience, when things are not going well and I feel confused about what is happening in my life I seek clarification. How?

I check the things jotted down during my quiet time with God. Some other times, I am surprised to see the answers in dreams I had months back. I then table everything to the Holy Spirit for guidance. Once I’m done, there is this joy and peace I feel despite the situation still remaining the same. The clarification I receive keeps me going, it’s only a matter of time before everything will fizzle out.

Reflection on lessons learnt from past mistakes, words God gave you in your quiet time, and dreams you had in the past are all vital in your walk with God. If not, one will not fully understand what is happening. Because of this, people have become bitter with God and decided to partner with the devil. This clarification will make the true meaning of Romans 8: 28 come alive.

Romans 8: 28: And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

There are deeper meanings to things we experience in our lives. For clarification, reflection has to be present.

May God Bless us all.

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