Even in this dark world, God remains good and faithful.

Have respect to the covenant for the dark places of the earth are full of the haunts of cruelty (Psalm 74:20, NKJV).

This Bible verse is quite deep and we may not fully understand it till our spiritual senses are open to what is really happening around us. It is not a mistake that we are in our physical bodies which have limited us to see into the spiritual realm. If this wasn’t the case, many people will not be able to function properly on earth. A large percentage would have died because of fear. This is the reason why the majority of those who are mature spiritually have access to the things of the spirit.

This is not to scare you but to show you why God is good and why it is important to stick close to Him like never before.

The neighbourhood where I grew up was so bright and bubbling, people knew themselves. Children play together, sometimes they go for house visits, etc. That is no longer the case. People don’t even know who their neighbours are talkless of allowing their children to play outside with others. We mind our business because no one can be trusted.

Being kind to people came naturally but now, some have lost precious possessions and even died because of their kindness yet the number of people that need kindness in this world has multiplied. For example, you saw a man suffering, and in need of help, and decided to employ him as a housekeeper. Only to discover his plot to kill you and take over your inheritance. This is actually a lucky escape because some don’t get the opportunity. 

It was weird to hear a child-killing their parents. Now the way children use their parents for money rituals and vice versa is unbelievable. Those days, it was easy to know people who didn’t like you and even wanted to harm you through diabolic means because they didn’t hide their attitude. Nowadays, they are your best friends. They are the ones that rejoice with you when something good comes your way but goes behind to sabotage it. They master your person (what you like and don’t like), conforming themselves to the person you should like. This is why before you know it, you are best friends with them. 

It takes discernment to know those who are for you and those that are against you.

Although the enemy has upgraded his game, God is always way ahead because He is in charge. He owns everything including the enemy, therefore, do not fear. God is good, Abba has given us weapons to overcome the enemy and we are also hidden in Jesus Christ.

As the world keeps getting darker, the light in the children of God will keep shining brighter and brighter. For our light to shine, we need to know what to do and not just wish for it. Understanding how to use this light makes battles/ darkness around your life become a walkover.

May God Bless us all.

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