The love of God

In the last post, I spoke about love. How vital and important it is to make Heaven.

Love is powerful, it is as strong as death (Song of Solomon 8: 6)

We all are spirits, we have a soul and we live in the body which is sometimes taken as the flesh.

When God created Man, He breathed life into him called the spirit. When we become born again, our spirit man which is the real you is changed. Your outward appearance remains the same but something has taken place inwardly. We have a job of doing something with our mind and body to make them align with our spirit.

Romans 12: 2 says

One’s mind is renewed by feeding constantly on the word of God. This helps in replacing negative thoughts with Godly thoughts and also helps in breaking various habits of the flesh that has held one in captive for a long time e.g, addiction.

The carnal man has a natural tendency to revenge at any given opportunity but this is the reverse for a true Christian.


A Story of Eva

There is a particular lady called Eva who worked in an organization at some point in her life. She worked in this organization for a few months. There was something she encountered when she was there.

One day, her boss invited her to his house for some kind of gathering with his old colleague and others. She reluctantly went and was very observant all through her stay.

During that gathering, the boss introduced her to an old man who happens to be his friend and said this old man will take Eva out. When she heard this, she just smiled and didn’t say much but what was on her mind was to find a polite way of escape. Finally, she found one. She called her office and asked if her attention was needed, they were so excited that she called and they said yes.

Before the meeting ended, she told her boss that she was urgently needed and then left. That was how she escaped the horror that would have taken place. She also avoided that boss as much as she could while in the organization. The story of the boss continues at the end of the post.

Eva worked with a man called Mr. Felix who was in charge of a particular sector where she worked, he was like the caretaker of the place. The man seemed kind and easy going until she had a particular encounter with him that touched her.

It all happened on one fateful day, Mr. Felix passed a message across to Eve and her other colleague Sam that there was going to be a meeting holding the following day. Eva arranged with Sam that he will go for the meeting while she stays back at work. It was mandatory that someone needed to be around and the meeting was more of a get-together. When that day finally came, both herself and Sam were the only two in the office and were so occupied with work that they didn’t even know when time passed.

Eva received a call from Mr. Felix asking why she was not at the meeting, that was when she checked the clock and found out that time had passed, she began to apologize to him and explain that they were the only two in the office, workload was much and they didn’t know time had gone if not, Sam would still have gone but Mr. Felix wasn’t taking any of it.

The Ordeal of Man

Prior to this time, Eva’s friend had invited her for a Christian outreach stating that they were short staffed and her expertise was highly needed. The day for the outreach happened to be on a Friday, the same day Mr. Felix told her the meeting would hold although one was in the morning and the other, evening time.

Eva would normally spend most of her weekends in her cousin’s house, leave on Friday and resume back on Monday morning with no one questioning where she was but this day was different. It was in this process that she learned she had to take permission to go to a place nearby.

Eva packed up, got ready for the outreach and was excited to work for her Heavenly Father and also to lend a helping hand. Friday evening, she told Sam where she was going and then left. She called her friend who had invited her for the outreach and they all left on a bus. The trip on the bus was quite interesting, Eva stood at some point because there was no space to sit but still enjoyed the trip with all the singing, laughing etc. Finally, they got to the place where this outreach would hold. While praying with the group, her phone kept ringing but could pick up until the prayer was over.

When she finally picked the call (this was around 11 pm), it was Mr. Felix on the line. He asked her where she was, the told her to start coming to the organization immediately.

Only God knows what Mr. Felix was up to. Someone in their right frame of mind will not ask another human being to start journeying back almost in the middle of the night knowing how evil the times are. Eva had never experienced this kind of thing before, why did this have to happen the same day Mr. Felix got offended that she and Sam were not around for the meeting? Eva promised herself to remain focused on the outreach until everything was over because this looked like a form of distraction.

The Outreach was wonderful and everyone had a nice time in the presence of God.

Early Sunday morning, Eva returned back to the organization and was told that Mr. Felix had left the church to look for her and another lady that went for this same outreach.

When Mr. Felix saw Eva, he was very angry and didn’t believe anything she was saying. Eva explained everything that happened and even showed him some receipts to prove where she was, she also apologized. After an hour plus of speaking to him, he left.

Eva still wondered why everything was happening, she had never had any issue with anybody in that organization since she started.

Mr. Felix’s Plight

Later that day, Mr. Felix called to see her and the next thing that came out of his mouth was for her to keep running around a building as a form of punishment. This seemed quite interesting.

There are protocols and rules for a person that committed an offense. Follow the rules and if it is beyond your power, give it to your superior to handle. Eva could not believe her ears, she thought the man had listened her only for her to hear this.

Eva hadn’t done anything to warrant this type of humiliation, she asked the man to explain to her what the reason for this punishment was. He could not come up with any reasonable answer. She then told him that she will not do it.

It was at the point that Eva knew Mr. Felix was out to get her. To cut the story short, Mr. Felix went through the back of Eva’s window, poured a dark sewage-like material. Only God knows where it was gotten from and then, through the window, he poured it into her room. Her bed, Bible, rug, and books were all soaked. The smell of this thing was horrible and neighbors around said they saw when he was doing this and begged him but he refused to stop.

After doing this, he went round the quatres and told Eva’s colleagues never to allow her share the apartment with them.

This was obviously the hand of the devil, the devil was very angry that Eva went for outreach and the impact was felt, that was his way of throwing tantrums and Mr. Felix was just a tool the devil used in accomplishing his task.

With all this happening, Eva learned to be calm and cool. Even though she was weak and didn’t feel like helping out in the office any longer because part of the reason this happened was as a result of working in the clinic. She still got her strength from God, He never left her. Eve tried to report to some people but the fear of the organization made them chicken out.

Mr. Felix also went to her place of work, looking for any negative evidence he could use against her.

Eve finally realized that she was on her own, her colleagues had turned their back on her and so did others for the sin of helping people. The only person she had was her God. Even as hard as things were, Eve never bore any grudge against this man.

There are times where things happen and you finally figure out that you are all alone. No one to help you except God. Well, I have good news for you, God is more than able. He is all you need, you don’t need any other person to encourage you, just stay with God.

More importantly, make sure your part is played, don’t bear grudges or do anything that will hinder God from working in your life. He is a righteous Judge, just leave it all to him.


God’s Verdict

Finally, the boss who I had spoken about earlier happened to be Mr. Felix’s godfather. He called for Eva in a group of other personnel with Mr. Felix, asked for Eva’s side of the story which she told him, he thereafter warned her never to allow this happen in the base (believing it was her fault). She was then told to clean up the mess in her room. She managed to hold back tears, thanked the boss and then left.

Not up to 2 hours after this happened, the boss received a letter that he had been transferred to another organization (he was not expecting this) which was less preferred to where he presently was. As for Mr. Felix, God rewarded him accordingly.


God is not a respecter of persons, if you disobey His commands and go against His rules or do stuff like Mr. Felix and the boss, you will be duly rewarded and the same goes for Eva, with all the negative attitude she got and yet was patient without bearing grudges, God was pleased with her and you can imagine her own reward.


People face all sorts of things in life, they are being punished for things they didn’t do or say. In all this, remember to play your part well, make sure your hands are clean, no hatred and then hand the battle over to God. Let Him be your first choice and not your last option.

It is also important that you accept Jesus into your life and let Him be your personal Lord and Saviour. If you are in this category, join me in the salvation prayer.



Lord Jesus, I come as a sinner, forgive me all my sins, cleanse me with your blood. I accept you today as my personal Lord and Saviour, I am free from all powers of sin, to serve the living God.

Welcome to the family of God dear friend I would love to keep in touch with you. Contact me on Tumblr and


God bless you.

I hope you’ve been blessed with this little story of mine and I would really love to hear from you. Stay tuned for the next post and you can access the last post here.


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