Life is full of mysteries, two of which will be discussed. These mysteries determine how we end up spending our lives on earth.

People come and go, generations come and go, this has always been the case. Beginning from the fall of Adam, man now has a limited amount of time to spend on earth after which he exits. The two mysteries I will write on are your purpose and your spouse.

The mysteries of Purpose 

This refers to what you’ve been commissioned to do on earth by God. Everybody on earth has a purpose and just as God has plans for us, the devil also has his.

Some have received prophecies from men of God about their destinies. If nothing is done about it, nothing will happen. We don’t seat down and expect God to do everything for us but we are to put the Word of God to work, asking God for directions, etc.

Some people believe it’s impossible to miss one’s purpose in life. Unfortunately, this is not true as a number of people are not in God’s purpose but are doing things to please themselves. Being in God’s plan gives you automatic peace and joy. You don’t need to fake it neither do you need to beg for it. In following God’s will, it is important to obey God and avoid any distractions that may come your way. Distractions can be informed of someone prophesying wrongly to your life. 

Still on purpose

No prophet or man of God should take the place of God in your life because even men make mistakes. Sometimes it is our selfish nature speaking not God. The devil will try all the tricks he can just to get one out of God’s plan and purpose. Never lose your focus even when it seems everyone is against you, keep moving. It’s only a matter of time before the truth will be brought to light. God is always speaking, we just need to learn how to listen. Staying in your purpose does not only make you a star on earth but in Heaven also.

Find your purpose and start working towards it. develop yourself spiritually, mentally and physically. As you start to do so, God begins to add other things to you.



Two Important Mysteries of Life

Two Important Mysteries of Life




Your Spouse

People are too eager to get married that they miss out on the right partner. Time is not on my side, all my mates are getting married, I would manage what I can get they say.

Do not settle for less but settle for God’s best. Marriage goes beyond physical appearance, finances or culture. For every man, God has provided a woman and you both are to work together in fulfilling God’s plan in both your lives in which case your destinies are similar and complement each other. Two good heads will always be better than one.

When people get married for the wrong reason, it’s heartbreaking. This may be as a result of pressure from parents, colleagues, relatives, friends, etc. It’s good to always have it in mind that whatever decision you take, you are solely responsible for the outcome.

To those who are yet to be married, be patient and keep believing God to perfect that which concerns you. For those who made wrong choices, there are costs one would have paid such as emotional instability, time-wasting but there is nothing God cannot do. 

Hand your situation over to God. For those who were patient enough to wait for the right person, congratulation. Remember it does not end there, even after making the right decision you have a part to play which should be done effectively to maintain peace and happiness in your home.

Being single is way better than entering a wrong marriage. There have been stories of people who were killed through one means or another as a result of wrong marriages. Partner with your Heavenly Father who sees the end of a thing from the beginning.

Final Note

Patience is a virtue that is very profitable. Don’t be in a hurry, don’t do things because others are doing it. Wait for God’s time because it will surely come and when it does, it’s always perfect and beautiful. People will begin to envy your life because of your patience and obedience.

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