Taking care of yourself is very important at this age and time. No one will do it better than you will. With everything happening on earth, the ups, and downs, fighting, killing, etc. we all need to find a way of pampering ourselves.

Find time to relax, not everything has to be about work. There is no sin in setting out time for relaxation although everything should be done in moderation.

I have found out that the devil has devised various means of frustrating people on a daily basis. When he can’t do so spiritually, he reverts to various physical means. One of such is by planting people (who may or may not be aware that they are being used by the devil) at strategic positions throughout the day. This ranges from the lady driving on the wrong way and cursing the person on the right track to one being punished for another person’s sin.

Handling each of these scenarios or whatever life may throw at us in a healthy way is the way forward. Always have it in mind that NOBODY has the right to make you feel sad. Don’t give people the opportunity to steal your happiness.

Life is beautiful and you can make it more interesting if you choose to. Keep far away from anything contending with your joy. Know how to set boundaries and work hard but at the same time, find time to relax.

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