This post will be based on the Bible Verse Romans 12: 2

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

From this passage of scriptures, it is clear that God has a will for each and every one of us. 

It’s not about the world system, how the world believes we should function but how God believes we should function according to how He has created us. It’s not about our future plans/ ambitions but what plans God has for us right from the time we are born till we leave earth. 

Having plans is good but this will always be inferior to what God has for us, it may not look so at the moment but time will tell.

This brings me to the topic, of the good, the acceptable, and the perfect will of God. 

For there to be good will that means there must be a bad will and it is way better to be in the perfect will of God than in any other will.

Let’s examine the different will carefully

Out of God’s will/ bad will

This is a bad position to be in. Here, one is not doing what God has called him/ her to do. This person has gone off course following someone else’s path. They are off doing their own thing and following the wind of the society/ this world.

To illustrate my point better, let me paint this mental picture.

Everything on earth has a purpose. This includes man, animals, plants, etc. The end result of this purpose is to bring glory to God. 

Proverbs 16: 4

The LORD hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.

Flowers take their turns, some are created to beautify the earth today but tomorrow another set will take over. Even within these flowers, there are various colours/ species.

Hibiscus flower cannot say I want to become the pride of barbados neither can a white rose change to a red rose. 

They stay in their lane. This applies to every living creature on earth from birds of the air, to the oceans and humans. We’ve all been created for a purpose. 

That of man is even more specific because God has made us in His very image and likeness and given us the power to have dominion over other creatures on earth.

Once our assignment/ the purpose and time God created us for is over we’ll give an account of what we’ve done on earth and be rewarded accordingly in eternity.

Now imagine someone following another person’s dream, how will he/ she be rewarded?

Biblically, I will use Jonah as an example. God called Jonah and sent him on an errand but Jonah decided to do his own thing and went the opposite direction then landed in the belly of a fish as a meal (Jonah: 1-4). It was there he repented and was vomited in the right direction. What of Paul whose assignment was to preach to the Gentiles but decided to face the Jews, he paid dearly for it.

Being in God’s will is as important as life itself. Being outside God’s will has its consequences.

The good will and the acceptable will

I have put these two together because they are quite similar but not close to the perfect will.

The good will 

This means, it’s okay, it is not something bad but not necessarily pleasing to God. It’s like a pass mark. One is not doing anything bad but that is not what God wants for you.

There is something better, something more for you. Don’t be average like everyone else, don’t just follow the steps of everyone/ society.

The acceptable will 

This can also be known as the pleasing will. It’s better than the good will, you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone, out of societal norms but there is something better. You follow God’s plan but sometimes miss the timing or make significant mistakes. What you do pleases God but you can still do better. Here, we see people who are doing great things for God but haven’t gotten to the perfect will.

A biblical example is Ishmael born to Abraham. God’s perfect will was Isaac but because of Abraham and Sarah’s impatience, Ishmael came forth.

Perfect will

Being in this will means you are moving according to time and plan as ordained by God. It means you are obeying God’s instructions. There is time to rejoice, time to face trials and move to the next level. Time to be refined through various processes that will cause your light to shine.

Being in God’s perfect will comes with lots of benefits such as protection, provision, peace of mind, and many more.

We should all aim to be in God’s perfect will for our lives. Moses, although had issues at some point, he was in God’s perfect will for his life, the same goes for David. Others include Daniel, Samuel, Joseph, Esther, Deborah, etc.

People can step in and out of these wills. Solomon started well in God’s perfect will but stepped out of God’s will at a point in time. Paul started out of God’s will but later entered the perfect will of God till the end. That one is in God’s perfect will does not guarantee that he will be there till he leaves planet earth, no. It is our responsibility to make sure we continue in God’s perfect will by obeying every instruction He gives to us and keep asking for His grace.

It is important you accept Jesus into your life if you want to know the path He is taking you to and let Him be your personal Lord and Saviour. If you are in this category, join me in the salvation prayer.


Lord Jesus, I come as a sinner, forgive me all my sins, cleanse me with your blood. I accept you today as my personal Lord and Saviour, I am free from all powers of sin, to serve the living God.

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