We have been told that some people with a particular personality trait are prone to having mood swings. While this may be true in some cases, there are still those in this same category who don’t have mood swings. Rather than attributing mood swings to one thing or the other, it should be worked on.

Working on mood swings

Just as curses are nullified through blessings, bad moods are nullified with good moods with joy being the principal factor. By determining to be happy makes God ready to help you. Yes, a lot of things are going on right now in the world, people are desperately in search of joy that brings fulfillment. They try to find it in money, houses, marriages, etc. but it’s only short term and doesn’t last at all. 

Is it possible to have lasting joy?

At a particular time in my life, I would have doubted that but now I know better and yes it is possible. This is what God wants for us. Mood swings can be handled when priorities are fixed on the right things. One’s mood swinging from left to right is a result of wrong prioritization. Remember that in the presence of God, there is fullness of joy and on His right hand are pleasures forevermore (Psalm 16: 11).

When you are in Christ, you are entitled to have good moods regularly irrespective of what comes your way because you know exactly what to do to tackle that situation. Sadness is not of God but of the devil. The devil can’t function in an environment full of joy that’s why he tries to bring all sorts of distractions one’s way to kill one’s joy.

Past times when I see Christians joyful, always smiling, I thought they were faking it. I didn’t understand how possible it was for a person to be happy all through without having mood swings.

There are somethings we need to take note of.

Pay attention to important things of life.

This means putting God first in your life because He is the source of that Joy you are in desperate need of. It is also important to know who you are in Christ so that the devil doesn’t take you for granted.

Once this area is taken care of, it will naturally flow to your career, marriage, family, and every other thing that belongs to you.

Beware, don’t let the devil steal your Joy.

In most cases, when something good is coming your way, the devil goes all out in using his weapon of sadness/ unhappiness just to prevent one from accessing that gift. Always be on guard. A number of irrelevant things happen that is not worth losing one’s head over. Whatever the case may let God be your first point of call, He has all the answers you will ever need. All you need to do is play your path, do whatever He tells you to do.

Whenever you feel a change in your mood, switch over to praise, listen to a Christian song or message then take note of what comes after.

One way to make the devil flee from you is to give him the exact opposite of what he intends to give, never accept his offer.

Some Examples

If you are having a bad mood, purpose in your heart that this will be your best day ever. If someone offends you, do good to another person. Never partner with that evil thought or mood swing.

My story on mood swings

A few days back I was on my way to work, I had this moody feeling like something was getting me angry but I didn’t know what it was. Ii tried to figure out what it could be but was not able to.

I partnered with that evil mentality of “today is not really great for me” and guess what? That day wasn’t wonderful and it got worse. On my way home, I had an experience that made me feel even worse. This was an anomaly from my daily life. It has been long since I felt this way. 

That day I needed to buy fuel into the car so I used a POS machine. The transaction failed twice and I was unable to buy fuel. When I got home, I got a debit alert and twice the amount I wanted for fuel was deducted. The amount left wasn’t even enough to buy fuel for the coming week. Going back to the filling station they said it’s not their fault and they hadn’t received any alert. 

I had to go to my bank and was told to wait for 15 working days. How do I wait for 15 working days when I don’t even have enough for the coming week. What a day. This situation was beyond my control but one thing that has always helped me is knowing that God has my back and I can never be stranded with Him by my side.



How to handle Mood swings_ Bad moods

How to handle Mood swings_ Bad moods



Story Continued

When I go home that day, I got down on my knees and prayed to God. After that, I felt really happy within because I knew God had answered me. That night, I received an alert from someone who was owing me (without asking the person) and this was how I was able to buy fuel.

I have not always been like this with God but through a series of trials, tests, I came to the conclusion that God’s way is the best. As one walks closely with God, one becomes wiser by the day.

Lesson learned from my story is, NEVER partner with an evil thought or mood swing, the outcome is always bad.

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Stay Blessed.



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