Disobedience is very costly. Obedience is an interesting command on earth that separates people into various groups especially those in the body of Christ. Obedience could also answer why believers’ prayers are not being answered. 

My experience

Some time ago, the Spirit of God laid it in my heart to start a project. I was so excited about this so I got most of the materials ready, and started finding out more about this project. I didn’t proceed immediately because I didn’t have the funds. If I had moved, it would not have ended well because I didn’t take time to enquire from God when He wanted me to start.

Finally, I got the funds and began the process. I didn’t really make inquiries from God. When I tried to, I met His silence so I assumed it was approved and kept on going. While the project was on, I started noticing setbacks. I prayed and prayed but it got even worse. There wasn’t favour for me anywhere I turned during this process.

To cut the story short, the project didn’t end well and all that money I invested went to waste. I had to sell valuables to raise that amount.

I tried my best not to be devastated and focus on other things. Interestingly, there was nothing serious to focus on during that period. I kept on asking God to please show me where I erred, where I went wrong and kept asking myself questions. Was it really God that spoke to me about this project or did I speak to myself? Was there something I was meant to do that I didn’t do?

One faithful day, I received the answer from God. Despite losing a lot, I was very happy to finally get the answer because it will show me the way forward.

Before I continue, I would like to add that receiving corrections from God with an open heart regardless of whether it is palatable or not will do a lot of good to you. One of the qualities of humility is being open to corrections and don’t forget that God exalts and gives grace to the humble.

Reasons why my project failed

First and foremost, the inspiration for the project was from God but I didn’t play my part well. Although I sought God‘s face with respect to locating the materials (which He showed me), I assumed He wanted me to start immediately. My obedience was half/ incomplete. An incomplete obedience= disobedience and God doesn’t honour disobedience. He is not a respecter of persons. If He tells you to go in one direction and you follow another path, get ready to be on your own.

Secondly, I was impatient. Patience is a beautiful virtue to have that saves one from unnecessary trauma. When God gives an instruction or reveals something beautiful about your life, this doesn’t mean it will happen immediately.

Regarding the experience I had with this project, the timing for the project to actually start in God’s calendar was over a year after. When the time came for the project to commence, It did and I ended up paying nothing, not even a dime. It is an error to think that you can help God fulfill His purpose in your life. Knowingly or unknowingly, we actually do this. When we are not patient enough to allow God to have His way, when we want to do it our own way, we are telling God that we can help Him which is an insult.

Thirdly, the prayers. I prayed, during fasting, I’ll put the petition, hoped but nothing came out of it, rather it got worse. The important lesson I got from this was, when people aren’t receiving answers to their prayers doesn’t necessarily mean that God doesn’t hear them. Most times, there is disobedience somewhere that will need to be traced. Sometimes, it is not in line with God’s will while other times, the timing isn’t yet right.

Lesson Learnt

My case was a case of disobedience and wrong timing. The project was in line with the will of God. Unfortunately, many people stop praying and blame God when they should actually blame themselves. 

God’s Word is 100% true. Whenever things are not working well, I turn to myself to see where I have gone wrong with the help of God. Putting the corrections to practice brings my answers. This is why receiving corrections from God with an open heart will always bring your answers.

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