Just as we have rules on Earth, we also have rules in Heaven.

As little children, we may have been told about several ways of how we came into this world. Growing up, some would have been taught things like who created the world. Also, who God is, who we are in Christ, what we should and should not do, etc.
As we began growing up, things started to change especially when we see our peers doing things differently from what we were taught. The issue of which path to follow, “Which way do I prefer”, comes into play. At this young age, the decision you take has the capacity to either make you or break you in the future.

About the age one begins secondary or high school, things begin to change. There is a huge influence of peer pressure at this stage. Some children no longer listen to their parent’s advice. They believe they know better, their
parents are “old school” and have no idea what fun is all about. Some get strongly influenced by peer pressure, joining bad gangs and engaging in a lot of negative acts which sometimes would end up destroying their lives.

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