Our lifetime, i.e the life we spend on earth is not actually a long one. It truly is for doing your job description/ assignment on earth and then returning to Heaven (where we all originally come from).

Life after one leaves planet earth is where eternity begins. Hence, life on earth although important, it’s not a priority. What truly is a priority is eternity i.e afterlife. Those who make it to Heaven have eternity to enjoy while those who don’t suffer eternity in hell forever.

Genesis Chapter 5 shows how man initially lived up to 900 years before death. This has now been shortened by God to 120 years (Genesis 6:3). Despite this, if a person dies at 80 or 90 years, we believe he/ she has lived a long life.

In Genesis Chapter 5, they lived for about 90, 100 years before having their first child and then waited for about 800 years before other children came. This is not the same in this age and time.

My point here is, life is very short. Those in their 70’s and ’80s remember their teen days like it was just yesterday. I for once am shocked at how time flies. It’s therefore very important to make the most of life here on earth while you still can.

Don’t waste your time on irrelevances such as anger, unforgiveness, envy, strife, etc. Focus on the things that will bring you many rewards both now and in eternity. Some of such things include: walking with God/ spending time with Him, promoting the kingdom of God on earth, praying for the lost, reaching out to them. It is also very important that you locate your purpose/ assignment and follow the steps God gives you to accomplish this.

Avoid things that will upset you, avoid people with negative energy. Don’t go after people going in the wrong direction i.e those more interested in the things of this world than Heaven. Be happy with yourself, take care of yourself. Be happy with people around you, speak the truth, avoid unforgiveness at all costs, etc.

The reward we receive in eternity is directly related to how well we utilized our lifetime on earth.

I want to use this opportunity to wish you all a Happy new year. This year 2022 will surprise you with good things. Amen.

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