There are truths about life and yourself that you should know. Some you already know. Although we are all different from one another in terms of character, genetics, etc. There are still some things common to all of us as human beings as far as we are here on earth.

You are Unique in your own way situation and circumstances notwithstanding.


I’ve heard people say that they want to be this and that, they want to be like this person, etc. These people we want to be like actually worked on themselves, they noticed that one thing in them that will bring out their beauty.

We all are uniquely different and have something that when others see, would love it so much and want to also have it. We need to look for what this is and developed it, let it get to its full potential.

Nobody was made ordinary nor were we made copycats. It’s ones inability to locate and develop that which makes one unique that results in an ordinary person. This is a very important point.

The circumstance surrounding your birth or the situation you may be in right now does not change your uniqueness, just find what belongs to you and work on it.

Loving yourself makes you love others better.

Asides from God who loves us way more than we love ourselves, we are expected to love ourselves too. This is not being selfish because you cannot give what you don’t have. If you attempt it, it’s fake and won’t last at all. Love is very vital in this dark world where people are suffering and dying anyhow.

You should learn what it means to love, pamper and take care of yourself. People that really love themselves won’t allow others to bring them down nor would they allow the opinion of others affect them.

These people are focused and they know exactly where they are going. Their self-esteem cannot be tampered with. once you are able to cross this bridge, loving and helping others will become easy for you.



six vital truths about your life


You are responsible for the outcome of your life

When things are not working around you, don’t look for who to blame. When your father, mother or any of your relatives does not help you, don’t get angry. If they do, be grateful and if they don’t you should not get angry.

There are always better ways to find your way out with God on your side and hard work. Spending your hard earned money gives you a lot of satisfaction and you’ll know how to manage things better.

Stop giving excuses for the poor decisions you make in life. Stop looking for who to blame regarding what has happened or is happening in your life. Doing this does not add colour, value or anything positive to your life so why waste your time?

You are not the owner of your life but the custodian, it is your responsibility to take care of it because soon, we will all give an account of how well we spent OUR lives on earth.

No man should determine your destiny, it’s only in God’s hands and you have a major part to play

Don’t let any man tell you gibberish that you cannot make it. That’s a lie regardless of the situation or whatever the cause is for saying such. Once you have a goal stick to it, don’t let other people’s opinion mislead you.

This is very common, people believe they should go a particular way because others are going that same way and making it. Are you really sure that is the path you should follow? Remember I said we are different and so are our paths in life and destiny.

Once you locate your path in life, aim at reaching your goal through determination and discipline. Don’t let what others have said, seen or believe change your path in life.

Helping others adds value to your life

There are a number of people in need, some are genuine, some are not, some believe it’s your duty to be at their beck and call. These false group of people have made it really hard for people to help, their attitude has changed some people’s perception towards giving.

I don’t think one human being should change another person’s perception towards giving, all you need to do is know when to give and know the right people to help. You can know this by the help of God.

If you are led to give, give. There are so many blessings associated with helping others.

Make God the center of your life.

To sum it all up, making God the center of your life makes things easy for you. You just see things falling into place at the right time. This can be known as life made easy.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I will love to hear from you.

Stay Blessed



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