How showing kindness can go along way

We live in a world of hatred, lust, unforgiveness, etc. Love and kindness make a difference. One would say that the world has not always been perfect but this period we live in is really dark.

As the end draws near, the devil is aware that his time is almost up and he is doing all he can to destroy God’s creation. The enemy does not want to go down alone.

Thank God for His love towards us and for Jesus His only begotten whom He sent to us so that our light can keep on shining brighter and brighter until the perfect day Proverbs 4: 18.

It is the light of God in us, the kindness we show to others, in essence, the fruit we bear that speaks. You don’t expect me to listen to someone who I know has a bad attitude speaking about Jesus. For all I know, that person is practicing religion. It is important to walk on one’s self. Allow God to help you develop a better character by obeying every instruction He gives you.

Once you begin bearing good fruits (fruits of the Spirit), people will be naturally drawn towards you because people are in desperate need of love. As children of God, it is our responsibility to show kindness, compassion, and love to others. For those that have experienced the love of The Father, it is necessary that we spread it to others to experience more.

Kindness and love is the base of it all

There are various reasons why people behave the way they do but at the base of this is love. Love will melt a stony heart anytime any day.

There was a day I was watching a program and saw people suffering, struggling to survive, some had no idea where their next meal will come from, someone homeless at the age of 13 and so on. These happenings occur both in developed and developing countries. 

A lot is happening in the world today.  It doesn’t matter where you are, what you have or don’t have, help that sister/ brother you know is in need of help. An act of kindness goes a long way in giving people hope. Stop giving excuses for not having anything to give, something no matter how little will be appreciated by someone else. If you can’t give material things, you can give your time, words of encouragement and make them feel loved.

The reward one receives from doing this is not only seen on Earth but in Heaven also. We store treasures in Heaven by showing love and kindness to people on Earth.

It is a good thing to make showing kindness to others a duty but we should also remember to ask God for His guidance even in this area. There are lots of reasons for this. Some people have wrong impressions when you give to them. Others take one for granted. There are those who are in desperate need of kindness and we can’t leave them hanging just because of any unfortunate experience we may have had. Asking God for direction is therefore necessary.

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