True greatness starts with little beginnings. Regardless of where you are or what position you occupy, don’t be afraid to dream big. What limits a man in life is not his background, circumstances, or where he finds himself but his mental ability to dream big.

After Lot left Abraham, God spoke to him and told him to look as far as he can see that he will give it to him and his descendants as a permanent possession (Genesis 13: 14-17).

The bigger your dream, the better. Although circumstances can change the way people dream but don’t let that affect you. A house help may see him or herself as one who is below average. Such a person may have low self-perception but I have news for you. There are people who have been where you are and ended up doing really well. When such people tell their stories, people marvel. These people didn’t allow their condition at the time to affect their mentality.

You may be doing a menial job now, people may be laughing or mocking you now but very soon your story will change. If people don’t mock you, how do you expect God to make you? When people laugh at you, it’s not you they are actually laughing at but God. He made us all in His image and likeness.

Those who decide to kill their dreams and settle for what is available have themselves to blame and will give account to God for the life they have spent on earth. Some blame their parents, siblings, and relatives for their failures. Those who blame others for their failures remain failures.

Children under 20 years of age are taking responsibility while some over 20 are pointing fingers. This is not balanced at all. There is no free launch in life, there is no food for a lazy man and we are solely responsible for the outcome of our lives.

Some examples

Two children with parents from low socioeconomic backgrounds were able to study up to secondary school. One of them decided to engage in menial jobs in order to save money for her university education while the other expected that the relatives would pay her tuition (even though she knew that there was no money). The one who worked hard graduated from the university and went on to do her masters. As for the other lady, she decided to settle down and learn hairdressing not because she was not intelligent but because her dream was small.

Two helpers graduated from secondary school at about the same time. One decided to further and had to work hard to get the money while the other didn’t want the stress and decided to settle down, get married. She aimed at marrying a rich man who will take care of the bills. Although both were helpers, their dreams were entirely different.

It’s important to add that placing our dreams in the hands of God is sowing a seed on a fertile ground. It will yield bountifully.

Dream big and don’t let anything or anyone steal that dream from you. To access the previous post, check here. Feel free to follow our Facebook page.

Remain Blessed.



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