Christianity is all about being like Jesus.

As a young girl in the boarding school, going to church every Sunday was mandatory for me because I knew if I didn’t, the guilt will follow me. I would feel like I have committed a huge sin. Even if I wasn’t going to gain much, it was mandatory that I went. People would sleep during sermons which could be contagious and only jump and shout when it’s time for praises. At a point, it felt like one was marking register. It was only on a few occasions that guest speakers were invited and we felt God’s presence.

This continued till later years. Finally, I began to understand the impact of being in the house of God. It was also at this time I understood a bit about prophecy.

There are quite a number of Christians who feel this way. But it shouldn’t be like that. The house of God is meant to be a place to refill our spiritual tank, especially during the Word. So who is at fault? Is the preaching boring or do believers fall for the pranks of the enemy? This can come in form of sleep or distractions.


One thing I’ve found is, that the Christian religion has a stronghold on believers. It keeps them in a box, limiting them from attaining their God-ordained destiny. This wasn’t meant to be the case. Just like the enemy came into the garden of Eden and spoilt the beautiful plan God had for man, he is also in religion and other areas in life including marriage.

If you understand the picture of the garden of Eden, how God created man and gave him all those beautiful things in the garden, you will understand the heart of God towards man. Although man lost out of the garden, when Jesus came, through His actions, it was restored back to man but this time around, you need to go in search of it. God doesn’t force His plan on man.

Characters of Jesus

The Christian religion is all about Jesus Christ, the anointed son of God. It is having the character of Jesus as our perfect example. Some of these are listed below;

-Jesus was never proud, He was a private person. He only spoke when He needed to especially when it came to preaching the gospel which He called His Father’s business.

There was a time they wanted to make Him king because of the miracle He did with food but He was able to escape.

This is quite interesting because, in this day and age when people see you doing well, they would want to give you a title/ responsibility for selfish reasons.

-Jesus was straightforward and was never one to please people. His heart was about pleasing His Father. This was one reason why they wanted to crucify Him because He told them the truth of who He is and didn’t try to make it suit them.

Continued Characteristics

Unfortunately, the world tells us that if we don’t please people, we will not go far. This is a big lie. It is true that those who are not men-pleasers will be hated by the world but if they are God-pleasers, they will go far in life and fulfill destiny. When your ways please God, He will even make your enemies be at peace with you (Proverbs16: 7).

-I don’t remember Jesus apologizing for doing something that is right. I have heard people tell others to apologize to the other party even though they are right, just for the sake of peace. This brings nothing but confusion and God is not an author of confusion.

-Jesus wasn’t seen jumping everywhere and talking to everyone. He loves people even those called sinners but has the people He walked with. He chose His friends with discretion and they all ended up becoming frontliners of the gospel aside from Judas Iscariot. Jesus is very disciplined and a hard worker.


-Jesus had His fair share of trials and didn’t escape because He is God’s only begotten son rather His case was the greatest of all trials because He carried the sin of humanity including those yet unborn. To show you His human nature, at a point in time He asked God to take away this cup from Him because He knew how heavy it was but ended up saying “Father, not my will, but yours be done” (Luke 22: 42).

I’ll have to end here, for now, there is so much one can learn from the character of Jesus. If you want to know more, read the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in the new testament.

Christianity is about living like Jesus Christ which gives freedom. It is not about showing up to church as a spiritual person, regular worker, or pastor, only to find out you have been sleeping around. It is not about not keeping tidy because you are a prayer warrior. 

These days people are even encouraged to buy into other peoples anointing. This is really interesting, it reminds me of what happened in the new testament. When Simon wanted to buy the power of God (Acts 8: 9- 24). Unfortunately, this is happening in churches. Freely ye have received, freely give (Matthew 10: 8). 

Religious Belief

That one is religious doesn’t mean he or she will make heaven. It is very hard for those stuck with religion to see the light. This is because they are convinced without a doubt that they are on the right path. No room for humility or re-examining themselves. Paul in 1 Corinthians 9: 27 said he keeps his body under/ in check so that after preaching the gospel to others, he will not be a castaway.

Christianity is not meant to be a burden (the way I felt in boarding school), but one is meant to be excited about being like Christ. You can imagine laying hands on a sick person and such a person getting healed. Practicing the instructions given to us by God in His word and seeing results. Seeing clearly, and understanding what God says in His Word alone will get you excited, it may be just one verse that speaks directly to you.

Relationship with Jesus

Imagine your pastor telling you to do one thing and God telling you to do something else. Some will go with their pastor because he is “a man of God” forgetting that their pastor is also flesh and blood like themselves. Some will doubt whether it is God speaking to them because their pastor is a man of God and hears from God. The solution to this end of confusion is having a personal relationship with God because your pastor will only confirm what God has spoken to you.

There is a huge difference between practicing religion and living a Christ-like life which entails having a personal relationship with God. 

It is important you accept Jesus into your life if you want to have a close relationship with God and let Him be your personal Lord and Saviour. If you are in this category, join me in the salvation prayer.


Lord Jesus, I come as a sinner, forgive me all my sins, cleanse me with your blood. I accept you today as my personal Lord and Saviour, I am free from all powers of sin, to serve the living God.

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