There are virtues that are necessary if we really want to maximize our living on earth. Among others, humility and patience are very important.

 People have various definitions of what humility means. Let me make some explanations.

There are those who reek of pride. They say things like, “if not for me you will not have…….” They only give to people in order to show off their wealth and then make announcements. Unfortunately, they forget that they came to this world with nothing and will leave with nothing.

There are those who outwardly may be perceived to be humble. They don’t talk much, mind their business but inwardly, it’s something else. Their pride is on another level. It’s only once in a while that one really sees them for who they are.

There is another category. These ones are not interested in “showing off”. They do so much in secret places to help people and always enjoy being behind the scenes during such times. Sometimes, people notice how good they have been after death. These are the people after God’s heart. They know the value of people, the wealth and riches of this world, and what eternity has to offer. These are the ones that are humble.

Let me add this. Such persons most times may not have the appearance of humility, in fact, some of them may even seem rude/ arrogant because of their personality type but it’s only God and maybe close friends around them that know who they really are. God indeed is the God that searches the heart of men and not the outward appearance/ motive.

Human beings are naturally selfish and prideful. It takes working with God and having the heart of God to have the virtue of humility.

Jesus is the perfect example of humility. A close look at Jesus as our perfect example. There were times He didn’t speak much, other times He didn’t keep quiet. He didn’t mince words with the Pharisees and Sadducees.  It’s very interesting that people have the picture of Jesus being very quiet, humble, and peaceful but they don’t see the other side of how His truthful nature caused chaos among people to the extent of them scheming to kill Him. Humility does not equals putting your head down for people to match on or taking sides with the majority (even though wrong) just for peace to reign. Humble people also speak up and challenge the status quo. Unfortunately, religion has made us believe otherwise but thank God for His Word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit that always places us on the right path.

I have had experiences with God. There are also those who have experienced God in a deeper. Some have been to Heaven and back, some have seen Jesus, some have been transported to other locations by the power of God and there is something that is common to all of them. Humility. The more you encounter God, the more your humility level rises. You will realize that man is only but dust.

Humility is of the heart. Although the fruits are seen through our actions, some of those that are proud have become experts in copying these actions. As a result of this, people find it difficult to know who is genuine and who is not. 

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