Progress in life is very vital and this has a lot to do with our Location. We have plans for the future and the interesting thing is that things don’t happen the way we want them to. Why is this so?

Well, there may be various factors that contribute to this. One thing is certain, God has a plan for each and every one of us. It’s not our plans that matter but what God has planned for us. Among other things, this plan includes our location.

Location is very important in life’s journey. 

When one is in the wrong location, he/she suffers a lot from diverse attacks of the enemy that may even lead to the destruction of the person’s life. In such situations, prayer, fasting, and all other kingdom mysteries when joined together don’t help much because the person is out of God’s covering. This can also be seen as disobedience in the sight of God which could be very costly.

There are times God tells us to go to a particular location. Maybe we’ve heard lots of evil things about the place that we even wonder if it was God speaking to us. What clears your doubt is how well you flourish in this place. Whenever God leads you in a particular way, His presence goes with you and you experience divine favour irrespective of evil reports.

There is another side to this, the Story of Naomi Biblically explains it. Naomi, her husband, and 2 sons moved from Judea to Moab during a famine. I believed she left with the hopes of enjoying greener pasture not knowing the tragedy that would befall her (Ruth 1: 1-18). She ended up losing her husband and her sons. This is how tragic the consequence of being in the wrong location can cause to a person.

There are sometimes we get wonderful opportunities and well-paying jobs that are traps set in disguise. In fact, turning these opportunities may make one seem unintelligent to the world but it’s only God that knows what lies ahead of us. 

Still on Location

If Naomi has known the outcome of her journey, she would still have persevered in Judea.

In other words, don’t move from one location to another because of greener pasture or better opportunities. Move because God has given you the go-ahead. This will save you from unnecessary heartache and loss.

When you are in the right location, you won’t need to struggle as much as one in the wrong location and you can be sure of God’s protection. This is why sometimes you see people flourishing in an environment that others believe is cursed. Other times, those who left a comfortable location, doing well end up losing all they have when they move to another location.

The importance of seeking the face of God when we make decisions and in all areas of our lives cannot be overemphasized.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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