Making excuses does no good to man. Honestly, there are so many things to make excuses about but the result does no good.

Excuses people make could really seem authentic/genuine but if we notice that it adds no value to our lives, it’s better to move on from them. It may not be easy but it’s worth taking the first step away from them.

Here, I will be writing about excuses in destiny.

The purpose picture

Before I go further, I would like to illustrate a picture of Man’s purpose on earth. One thing common on earth is purpose. Animals, plants, the sea, wind, etc. have their purpose. Each breed of plants, animals, sea, and wind has its own purpose. For animals and plants, we know that the function/purpose of a Dog is different from that of a Lion. Also, the function of fruit and vitamins the orange tree gives is not exactly the same as that of a mango tree. Sea differs in size, depth, colour, and function. What about the wind. There is that wind that comes just before the rain starts, there is another that is present at the cool of the night. Within each family i.e among family members, purpose differs you can now imagine comparing your purpose to that of a complete stranger or wanting to copy his/ her lifestyle.

Having this at the back of our minds, the next move to make is to try our best in the thing we have been called to do on earth. Then after this, we can give account to God in Heaven. Now the question is, How do I know my purpose in life. I have discussed this topic previously, you can access it by clicking on these links. 

Moulding your dreams

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Once you know your purpose, it is time to run with it, bringing me to the topic of making excuses.

The Journey of Purpose

If someone said that the journey to completing this purpose in life will be an easy one, that would be a lie. Then where is the essence? Even gold has to pass through the fire to be beautiful. For the beauty of your purpose to emerge, you will need to go through the process of sacrifice which is not normally fun at the time. It is during this time some people begin to make excuses that suit them. They want the easy way out.

It is effortless to follow society and hide behind people’s backs to prevent any uncalled-for situation but a person will end up living an ordinary life. In order for the essence of your purpose to come alive, you will need to stand out and this is not always a great pill to swallow. The good thing about being in this category is, that not only is that period of swallowing this bitter pill for a while but also the star in you will begin to rise.

At this point in time, people will want to associate with you unlike when you had to stand out taking the bitter pill.

Biblical Examples

Making excuses could have a damaging effect on one’s destiny as the things one makes excuses for could actually be something that will contribute significantly to his/ her growth process.

If Abraham had given excuses for not being able to leave his father’s house when God told him to, probably there wouldn’t have been an Israel. If Ester had given the excuse of being a Queen when the Jews needed her, what would have been their story.

Some of the difficult situations we go through in life actually act as training that will help in the fulfillment of our purpose. Other times God gives us instructions that don’t seem palatable but the end result is ALWAYS for our benefit.

Questions to ask yourself

So when next you decide to make an excuse ask yourself these questions

  1. Is this from God?
  2. Will the experience I get from this add value to my life?
  3. Will the experience gotten add value to the lives of others?

If the answer is yes, then go for it. Stop wasting time weighing risk versus benefit when you receive instruction from God because the BENEFITS ALWAYS outweigh the risk.

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