As a result of the ongoing disruption, new changes have occurred. A set of people are becoming wealthy while others are going bankrupt. This occurrence has had an impact on a large percentage of the population. Things are changing, businesses are now coming online in order to thrive in this era, robots are taking over people’s jobs and some are discouraged about their future. In every challenge, there is an opportunity all you need to do is look for it.

While some have taken the bold step of developing themselves through various means such as online courses and free networking skills others are praying and hoping that they don’t get laid off or their salaries cut. Those who take the bold step of developing and positioning themselves appropriately in this era scale great heights. An opportunity they say comes but once. This disruption is an opportunity in disguise that ends up making or breaking people.

As much as prayer together with faith is necessary for the kingdom journey, we need to add works because faith without work is zero. Let the Spirit of God direct you on the step to take in order to find your place in this new era. Take a bold step by communicating with people who have gained a lot during this period, learn new things, join virtual seminars, undergo courses, learn about wealth creation, etc. It is also important to add that information is a useful weapon during this period.

As you are directed by God and get informed, you start scaling new heights. God directs us and He also blesses the works of our hands, so you need to do something, start somewhere.

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