Can I make it to the top? someone might ask.  Everybody is meant for greatness. Nobody was created to be a mediocre. Why some people are making it more than others is because they are not scared to be all that God wants them to be.

They know what it takes and have decided to stick to it no matter the cost. The top is free with a lot of space but people have decided to remain at the bottom. Those who believe some people are out to get them or against their progress have not yet started. It just shows that you have not found the light regarding that aspect of your life.

You alone are solely responsible for the outcome of your life. If you are challenged in any area of life, take responsibility, seek for knowledge, understand what mistake was made and locate your right in the Word of God. 

Way forward to the top

Take that challenge as a mission i.e take it seriously, get very angry about it, set a time to have a dialogue with God regarding it (prayer and fasting helps), study the Word of God, read motivational books with respect to that area and ask God for what you need to do. There are sometimes we know its a trial but other times, they are not and we have to war against them.

Once your light comes (revelation) and your faith is solid, that situation or challenge will disappear into thin air. Getting to the top requires a series of processes. One has to be successful in one phase to make it to the next. Taking each stage seriously and getting answers from God makes you mature for the next stage.



Can I make it to the Top_

Can I make it to the Top_


In this world we live in, people prefer to remain quiet at the sight of evil. They would rather join the multitudes who are heading in the wrong direction than to stand alone on the right path. They prefer to do eye service for the fear of not knowing who will help them in the future rather than standing on the truth.

Unfortunately, the majority of people are like this and that is why the top is so scanty. Pacesetters, trailblazers, Pathfinders have something in common to them. They are never with the crowd, they stand alone. This takes a process.

Final note

If you walk closely with God, you will have God’s boldness and will be able to withstand anything that comes your way without fear.

If you have the fear of God in you, you will have no fear for man. When you have the fear of God, the mentality of, “I might need his help in future” vanishes and you will be able to say the truth at all times knowing that God has your back. To get to the top, you need to have virtues of integrity, determination, focus, diligence, etc.

It’s no news that people will say all manner of things and try to pull you down. Sometimes you might be the only one standing. At each point in time let your heart be clean and your eyes focused on God then you can be sure of victory.

May God help us fulfill our destiny in grand style. Amen

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Stay Blessed.

Chidinma Oluchi.



An inspirational writer who loves God, Man and nature.


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